Little, Yellow, Graffiti-Covered Arrow

Hello. Welcome back. 

You may or may not remember me, that pilgrim who was going to write about her Camino experience for all 40 days of Lent last year, and stopped at Day 8. 

It's been quite the year. As I thought of what I'd have to say about this second attempt at blogging, I remembered the countless kilometer markers on which I could barely make out the yellow arrow under the years of pilgrim graffiti also marking the stones. So much has imprinted on my heart this year, and it is easy to get distracted from the path laid out before me. I admit I have had my own struggles clearly seeing God working in my life. In his faithful mercy he is doing a number on me now, and in this time of consolation, he is drawing me in the direction of his arrows - teaching me how to search through the all the messages and strip them down to the only one I need: God's love for me and desire for my welfare, my future, and my hope.  

To be honest, I can't guarantee that my blog will make it past two weeks this time, but it's worth giving it a shot. There is so much more to my first Camino story that hasn't been told, and I want to share it with you.

This year, I'll start with reposting the first 8 days (we could all use a little refresher anyway), and then get to the next part of the story. Check back here on Wednesday and join me at St. Jean Pied-de-Port. 

Thanks for walking with me. 

Katy ZweifelComment